What are the Terms and Conditions- Cancellations and Refund Policy?
Answer:   PM Marketing strives to provide the best possible Leads, Training, Systems and Customer Service.

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Terms of Sales and Cancellation Policy

When placing an order over the phone, by fax, or through the Internet, the person placing the order authorizes PM Marketing to charge the credit card or checking account for the full amount of the order. PM Marketing will deliver the product as agreed upon within three business days of the order. Exceptions may occur based on the details of the order.

If paying by credit card, the billing will appear on your statement from the company, PM Marketing.

When paying by credit card or by check (faxed in or phoned in), your submission of payment indicates that you have either received, read, have been explained to by a representative, and/ or understand and agree to these terms and conditions.
Individual results will vary based on the skill level, how the leads and services are used and worked, timing, market conditions, economic conditions, and industry conditions.

PM Marketing does not guarantee your results obtained by the purchase of its products or services. Any examples used for explanation verbally or in writing by anyone, in any scenario, are for example purposes only, and may not reflect your results.

All sales are final and nonrefundable.

If there are any challenges, you must contact PM Marketing by phone within 10 days of your purchase. If you wish to cancel future orders, you must cancel by phone within 5 business days of the monthly date of your order.

Some customers attempt to cancel by sending an email or by contacting a representative. Due to the unreliable nature of email delivery, requests for cancellation by email will only be honored if a confirmation email is sent back, confirming the cancellation. Automated responses are not considered confirmation of a cancellation. Due to the nature of independent contractors serving as representatives, requests for cancellations will only be honored when confirmed through a call to the phone number listed below or through an email confirming the cancellation.

In reference to products that are delivered by email, such as leads or confirmation emails for subscriptions, PM Marketing will fill all orders within three business days of payment of your order. If you do not receive your leads or confirmation emails within three business days, you must phone us. There may be a challenge with email delivery that is not within our control. Errors in typing or email, full email boxes, email filters, etc., although may contribute to the challenge of email delivery, are not valid reasons for challenging delivery of a product or service. It is the sole responsibility of you, the customer, to make sure the products and services are received within three business days.
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