Representatives and Affiliates - moving forward
Answer:   Representatives and Affiliates, I have read that your company is no longer in business. I do not have all the details, so it's impossible to draw accurate conclusions. My opinion doesn't count at this point.

I know that most people stay building a home based business. Please let us know what you personally want to do by submitting a Support Ticket in your LMS or by calling your favorite PM Marketing rep.

Most people follow one of four paths:

1) They let us know which other business they want to promote. We change the email campaign and the website we direct traffic to.
2) They use our Phase2 "6 Reasons for a Home Based Business" website and email campaign.
3) They ask us to pause their email campaigns or recurring order until they decide what to do.
4) They quit.

As we state in our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), in the event your company has challenges, we convert your email campaign and the website to our Phase2 6 Reasons site. This allows you to continue educating your leads about the benefits of a Home Based Business and continue to drive traffic to a generic site.

Your 6 Reasons site is:
We appreciate your business and your referrals.


(386) 385-8679

PS. Again, if you want to make changes, please call your PM Marketing rep, or submit a Support Ticket through your LMS.... sending an email is not the best way, as emails may be blocked or lost. Thanks.