What if my company goes out of business?
Answer:   If your company goes out of business, or if there is an interruption in service for any reason, please contact us by phone or through the LMS Support Ticket system and we will make the following adjustments for you:

1) Change the email campaign and the website you are promoting to something different.
2) Pause your order until you find something else.

There are no refunds for any portion of your leads order once the payment for the order is processed. This no refunds policy includes Prepaid Leads orders.

If you are on a recurring order, we will assume that you will continue building a home based business and convert the email campaign and the website to either a website we know you are using or to one of our generic Phase2 websites and email campaigns.
This will allow you to continue to have activity concerning a home based business and keep the leads you paid for active in our systems.

If you would like to cancel your order, you must call your PM Marketing representative or call (386) 445-3585, or submit a Support Ticket through your LMS system.
Sending an email will not constitute canceling an order, as we receive thousands of emails every day.

If you are not sure what to do, please call your PM Marketing representative or (386) 445-3585.

Most of our customers continue building a business and continue to enjoy using our products, training, and other services.