How much does the Making Sales or Excuses Training Cost?
Answer:   Here's the philosophical and logically correct answer: The cost is greater from not taking and applying the training, than it is for taking the training. Can you calculate the lost commissions from all the sales you might miss? Can you calculate the costs of missed opportunities or people you didn't recruit but should have? That's the real cost. The price for the Training is $500. When you go to the site , you will see all the additional products and benefits you will receive when you pay it all upfront. If you need to spread the payments over time, you can. We have three payment options. $150/ month for 4 months, $50/month for 12 months, and/or $12 per week for 50 weeks. With these options, anyone that wants to learn can. You will not lose the additional benefits that others received when they paid in full, but the benefits will start when the payments total $600... meaning you can pay it off as fast as you can. This could be the best investment you've ever spent. Learning a profession, like selling, pays back the investment over a lifetime.