How can I explain the overview process to friends and downline?
Answer:   For a foundation of information,
Betty Crocker is the brand name for cake mix.
Most of the ingredients are in the box. The person
who buys the box and wants to make the cake can do so…
usually “OK” with a little practice, following the simple instructions.

Please don’t mind me using “you” in any of these examples.
These are for illustration purposes only… I hope.

Imagine “you” bought some of Betty Crocker’s Cake mix….

If you didn't bother to read and follow the instructions,
don't go back to the supermarket and discuss anything with the
store manager about your "cake" not coming out right.

Or if you only took out the pots and pans and never opened the box
...or if you put it in the oven and never checked it out after that
...or... you get the point. You have to work the cake mix correctly
and completely to get the finished product.

If you looked at the ingredients by themselves,
without being processed, would you expect them all to look like
the finished product?

If you were the grocery store manager,
what would you think of someone that came to your store and said,
“Your cake mix stinks. How can this powdery stuff be called cake?”

Imagine the customer with the big ego coming back…
“Hey Listen, I have been eating cake for 87 years, I have won prizes for eating cake…
If there’s anyone that knows anything about cake, it’s me…
I peeked into the box and can tell you there’s no cake in there.
You’re a fraud.”

Had enough yet? Nah…

How about one more?

This is from the person that started working the “cake mix”.
“Listen, I started working the cake…and your cake doesn’t work.
I didn’t have butter to add, so I used peanut butter instead because it spreads the same…
And that’s all I had. I knew the eggs were going to break if I dropped them,
so I softened the shells with vinegar for a day or so…
because that’s what my Mother-in-law (upline or other guru) told me to do…
and since the thermostat on the oven doesn’t work, I used the kid’s thermometer …
waited until the temperature got to 100 degrees, and since I am good in math,
figured I would let the cake cook 3 ½ times longer… you know, to get up
to 350 degrees. But you know, I am absolutely, positively sure that those Leads
(I mean Cake) don’t work.

My background is in Direct Sales and Direct Sales Management;
so I hope you don't mind my background coming through a little here.
I’ve seen it and experienced it all everyday, for a long time.

Your attitudes and beliefs will always be like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If you think these will work, they will.
Your attitude will come through when speaking to your prospects.

If you are working my leads and you want to call and discuss
anything about your "concerns", fax or email your track sheet first
on all the leads. Then we will have some real data to isolate where
your "problems" are. Your "problems" may have nothing to do with the leads.
Just as a doctor would probably not diagnose you over the phone,
I can't diagnose your condition without the proper data.
Tracking will help both of us.

Now it's your turn to go out there and start to work your leads.

Work them correctly and completely and you’ll be just fine.
Pass this on to your people.