What do I do first
Answer:   If you already started working with us, you may have completed some of these steps already!

1) The first thing you should do is log in to your LMS through your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. This will allow you to install and run your PM Notify.
2) Once you log in to your LMS through Internet Explorer, install and then run PM Notify.
There is a PM Notify Movie on the Training Link in your LMS.
3) Watch the video camera in the LMS to learn about LMS.
4) (Optional and helpful) Join us on our Customer Service Conference Calls/Webinars. See the Support Link in the LMS for details. We hold 14 of these each week.
5) Watch the first three movies on the Training Link inside your LMS.
6) Focus on the Icebreakers when calling through the leads.
7) When you are ready to start working your Leads in your LMS, listen to the Audio link "How to work your Leads..." on the right side of the MY LEADS Link in your LMS (under the video camera).

If you ordered a Combination Leads Package,
work the TVO Leads and the Optins FIRST.

The TVO's and the Optins will have more information and be more qualified than the EMOS OPENS and CLICKS (who "only" opened your email and/or clicked on your site).

Remember, when calling a strong Icebreaker is important. Listen to the Icebreaker Audios, watch the Icebreaker Movie, and play the Icebreaker Game.

Remember, all the training is on the TRAINING Link in the LMS.

Separate yourself from being considered just a cold caller or telemarketer.

Things to help you:
1) We will give an LMS to anyone you would like us to. Fill out a Support Ticket.
2) The New Person Advertising Package (NPAP) is available to help you help the leads you received from us make a decision. See PM Dollars for details.

Thanks for your business and your referrals.

PM Marketing-Networkleads Support