What are some of the reasons why emails are returned as “Undeliverable”
Answer:   1) There’s a challenge with the Web. Something some where’s gone down.
Computer breakdowns, thunderstorms, electrical outages, down for maintenance, etc.

2) Spamming challenges. Believe it or not…. Your Internet Service Provider or “ISP”
could be down because someone is spamming it! I work closely with many who own
their own ISP’s and they all say they get spammed and have to shut their email program down….
Which means if you emailed me…as that was happening….
You might get an undeliverable email address from me!
This happens more often than you could imagine.

3) More Spamming challenges. All ISP’s have anti-spamming software installed
to filter out and block spamming to their ISP’s. Many of them have a difficult time installing,
maintaining, and upgrading their programs an as a result, emails are returned “undeliverable”.

4) I have been told that even Big servers…. Like AOL…. and Road Runner…
delete mail or send it back as undeliverable for no valid reason.

5) Sometimes email is deleted or rejected by some ISP’s when it is sent in batches.

6) Sometimes email is deleted or rejected by some ISP’s when it is too fast…. Or too slow.

7) The obvious one…. sometimes people lose or change their ISP or their email program.

8) Sometimes their email box is rejecting mail because it’s full.
This happens on lots of free email accounts like “yahoo” and “hotmail”.

9) Computer viruses close down email programs.
Here's an example of a message on how this means to you:

"The NIMDA virus is causing various problems. This virus, similar to Code
Red, only affects NT servers. Our servers are UNIX based and therefore will
not be effected. However, the worm pings sites and create massive transfer
hits in an attempt to bog down the network and this does effect all servers.
We are currently working with our service admin to reroute the ping. Thank
you for understanding!"

10) Some ISP’s filter emails and determine which ones should go through and which ones get rejected and sent back.

11) Wrong email address given on the part of the customer. Believe it or not, this happens often.
We generate a lot of sales on line. And we deliver a great portion of our products through email.
During any week, we have to telephone call about 5% - 15% of our customers because of a “bad” email address.
Most of these are simple spelling errors.

12) Sometimes an email account is suspended due to non-payment, accusations of spamming, etc.

13) So many people are “playing” with their Email settings, they are blocking themselves from receiving emails
by setting up “filters” and “rules”.

The best thing about working with PM Marketing and is that we educate you on why things happen.
We give you the straight answers and the solutions too!

Part of the solution is that your next message could go through…

We do not delete the undeliverables from your lists, if you use our systems.

We also mention that you can call all of your prospects too!

Many of them love the hi-touch approach!

You always overfill your order with extra leads provided in advance to handle some that are really “undeliverables”.

As you can see, we are committed to giving you all the tools possible to have the best business possible.