Why are some emails undeliverable?
Answer:   This is a fun one to talk about because the topic itself reveals how little is known
by the average person about how email is delivered.

This is also a very confusing topic for many because when email works correctly,
the whole phenomenon of email delivery makes childbirth look like a walk in the park,
rather than the miracle that it is
Most people think that sending and delivering email is a simple process.
Well, it is and then it isn’t.
Some of the most common questions arise about “undeliverable email”.

What is it? And why does it happen?

Remember, I am going to “paint with broad strokes” in my explanation.

Most people think that email is like sending something directly from Point A to Point B.
For example, picture this in your mind, I am over here…. You are over there …
I want to email you something….I type in your name, type a message, then hit send.
Easy right?! Bang Zoom…. Right from me to you, in seconds!
Well, it’s much more complex than that.

When thinking about how email is delivered (or not),
let’s use some comparisons to what you may already be familiar with….
Regular postage type mail. Stop and think about it for a few seconds.

With regular Post Office type mail, how does it work?

I want to send you a letter, right? So, I write the letter and place it in an envelope,
put on your address and a stamp, and place it in my mail box.

Then my postman, Charlie, picks it up and drives it himself all the way over to you….
one at a time… and you say “hi Charlie, thanks!”

And you know your Charlie is same Charlie as my Charlie
because he delivers each mail, individually, himself, flawlessly, ever time.

That’s the way it works, right?
The same mailman handles all the mail himself flawlessly every time.
To think it works that way would be weird, huh?

Well, of course you know the mail I sent you changes hands several times….
maybe even several dozen times … before it reaches you.

Welcome to beginning course of “Email delivery”.

Just like the mail through the Post Office changes hands several times,
so does your email to your prospects….
Regardless of whether you are sending it or whether an Autoresponder is sending it.

If one step of the changing hands process does not work,
then often the email is returned to you as “Undeliverable”.

The reality is this, though….
You can try another message to the same person and have it delivered.

What are some of the reasons why some are delivered and some are not?

Experienced people know this “stuff” and understand a % of emails will be undeliverable.
It’s the new-to-the-Internet people that need the education on how it works.
Enter our training!