Why is some of the information on the leads incorrect or missing?
Answer:   There are a few reasons for this. First, let’s look at the dynamic behind the people that
might be filling out the information. What do we know about them? For the most part,
they are in their home…behind their computer screen… somewhat relaxed, and somewhat
anonymous. Many want to stay that way.

They don’t know who’s on the other side of the computer screen receiving the
information. They’ve been taught don’t talk to strangers, and Internet Fraud is alive
and well. If they are new, they are still reading most of their emails. If they are more
experienced, they’ve learned how to scan emails with their eyes, and read their
email with their delete key. Just as we’ve all been made somewhat skeptical
by Ed McMahon and Publishers Clearing House, they realize that they didn’t win the
$53 million dollars they thought they did when they opened the envelope, and that
there won’t be a Prize Patrol Van full of people knocking on their door after the SuperBowl.

If they are on line for any period of time, they’ve experienced Spam from everything from
Pornography to Casinos and junk email from jokes to viruses and even virus hoaxes.

Now that you have a clearer picture, can you see why some people might be a bit “guarded”
before they give you access to all their correct information.

Most likely, you’re a “good guy”… and just as in many things in life, the “bad guys”
make it a bit more difficult. So what’s the answer besides finding another planet?

Get used to it and adapt… Some will evolve, some will not.

Regardless of your religious views on evolution, learning how to work leads will
fit Darwin’s model. You’ll learn how to adapt quickly and easily (and many do)
or you’ll quickly go on the endangered list…
and be extinct before the revised list comes out.