Trouble Shooting with Phase3
Answer:   Some questions are best answered "Live" where and when you can see the entre process explained by a qualified PM Marketing rep.
This is why we host over 30 LIVE webinars every week. See your LMS (Lead Management System) for details.

If you are having challenges with seeing your changes you believe you are making on your Phase3 website,
it could be a challenge with the way you are putting the information in.
There's an icon on your Phase3 wysiwyg called "Clean Up Messy Code". If you push the "Clean Up Messy Code" icon, this will fix many of the most common issues.
The most common issues usually occur when you copy and paste code from an outside website into the Phase3. Most of the time, there's extra code you don't see that cuases a challenge.
If you're still not sure, join us on the Webinars.
You can also find helpful information on the Phase3 How-To Movie.