When it is time to call the Prospect...What should I say ?
Answer:   1. Remember the Mission: Find people for whom it's the RIGHT thing to be doing now. No one else. That means, no more recruiting anyone you have to drag across the finish line. Or across the starting line.

2. Remember this is like dating. No dragging your date into the back seat on the first time together. There are a few steps in the dance, and these questions will let the prospect go AT THEIR OWN PACE. You just show the way.
3. Remember to say 'No' first if the prospect does not have 'your company', or they look as though they're looking for something for nothing. Pretend you are the Harvard University admissions committee. Do you really want everyone you could get?
4. Read and memorize, or keep by your phone and computer the '5 Worst Things you can say to a Good Prospect' so that you NEVER say them. Each one is a death knell for a good prospect.
5. Remember to practice the scripts with others at least 5 times before talking to a real prospect. Do you want to sound smooth or like you are reading?